8 Music Milestones of Adult Swim (an octave)

8 Music Milestones of Adult Swim (an octave) 

  1. pre Adult Swim, the recycled Space Ghost group released three all ages Cartoon Planet audio CDs 1997-2000, the third was missing its namesake Space Ghost.

  2. the iconic Bump background music, 2001.

  3. the first season of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” 2001-2 included an episode storyline focused on the prop of a Foreigner belt with the band’s song titles and lyrics in the dialogue; and the start of recurring character original songs from mc chris, “I Want Candy,” etc.

  4. the Adult Swim house band Dethklok on the network’s Williams Street Records, 2007, soon to headline the 2nd annual Adult Swim Festival of music and comedy November 15-16, 2019, in Los Angeles. Per its name, “Metalocalypse” included metal Standards and Practices bleeps and transition music.

  5. the addition of live-action in 2007, from Tim and Eric’s original duets (they had animated duets in 2004) to their Abso Lutely coproduction of “The Eric Andre Show.” For its 2012 premiere, the intro has Andre doing slapstick on the house band, to its ending with two guest musical acts playing two different songs simultaneously.

  6. the star-studded trillest rap voice cast of the animated “Freaknik: The Musical,” 2010.

  7. the weekly Adult Swim singles program, 2010.

  8. and the timeless always identifiable intro themes, like “The Jellies” by Tyler, The Creator, and closing credit music, such as the “Robot Chicken” clucking song (a 125 student Adult Swim class performed this as the sign-off to a Seth Green teleconference).

The world’s only Adult Swim college course at Kent State University is celebrating its 15 year anniversary!       Ron Russo, 8/31/19

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